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Linking Customer and Employee Satisfaction to the Bottom Line

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Title: Linking Customer and Employee Satisfaction to the Bottom Line
Author: Derek Allen and Morris Wilburn
ISBN: 0873895010 / 9780873895019
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 238
Publisher: ASQ
Year: 2002
Availability: Out of Stock
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Most organizations recognize the impact that both customer and employee satisfaction have on overall financial performance. Actually acting on that information is the hard part. That is the focus of Linking Customer and Employee Satisfaction to the Bottom Line, which focuses on the relationship between customer satisfaction and tangible business outcomes like market share, revenue, and profitability.

Intended for advanced service quality managers and marketing researchers with more than a modest exposure to statistical data analysis, this book provides a comprehensive overview of how these data may be related to critical business outcomes. Perhaps more importantly, researchers with mature customer satisfaction systems may use the techniques described in this book to maximize the value of their existing programs. While no technique or methodology can guarantee a strong link between customer satisfaction and key business outcomes, this book can ensure that appropriate scales, variables, and assumptions are used.

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Chapter 1. : Why Customer Satisfaction?
Chapter 2. : Employee Satisfaction and Related Phenomenon
Chapter 3. : The Six Sigma Approach
Chapter 4. : The Customer Satisfaction-Profit Link
Chapter 5. : Retention: A Behavioral Strategy
Chapter 6. : Key Business Outcome Metrics
Chapter 7. : Data Preparation
Chapter 8. : Analysis Framework: Bivariate Relationships
Chapter 9. : Analysis Framework: Regression Models
Chapter 10. : Analysis Framework: Causal Modeling
Chapter 11. : The Future of Linkage Research

Glossary of Terms

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