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Lean Manufacturing for the Small Shop, 2nd Edition

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Title: Lean Manufacturing for the Small Shop, 2nd Edition
Author: Gary Conner
ISBN: 0872638588 / 9780872638587
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 275
Publisher: SME
Year: 2008
Availability: In Stock
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Thousands of people at hundreds of companies have used the Shingo-Prize-Award-winning first edition of "Lean Manufacturing for the Small Shop" as their how-to guide to shortening delivery times, eliminating waste, improving quality, and reducing costs.Revised and expanded, the Second Edition describes not only what to do, but includes many tools useful to the reader describing how to do it. The principles of the Toyota production system are effective in any industry and within any company. But the challenge is to apply the right tool, at the right place, at the right time, while maintaining the flexibility and nimble nature required of smaller shops. Customized to be applicable to this environment, some of the tools explored include kaizen, value stream mapping, takt time, determining optimum lot sizes, setup reduction, flow, standard work instructions, problem solving, overall equipment effectiveness, jidoka and poka yoke, pull systems, standard work-in-process, and facility planning. To help a company benchmark progress, there is also a lean self-assessment included.


Chapter 1 : It’s About Time
Chapter 2 : The Lean Enterprise Vehicle
Chapter 3 : Introduction to a Small Manufacturing Company
Chapter 4 : Value Stream Mapping
Chapter 5 : Value-added Ratio and the 80%–20% Rule
Chapter 6 : Optimum Lot Size
Chapter 7 : Fundamental Lean Tools
Chapter 8 : Leading Change
Chapter 9 : Quality System Management : Tools for the Team
Chapter 10 : Training
Chapter 11 : Teams
Chapter 12 : The Road to Lean
Chapter 13 : Choose Your Battles Carefully
Chapter 14 : The Color of Money

Appendix : Lean self-Assessment

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