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Lean Manufacturing Systems and Cell Design

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Title: Lean Manufacturing Systems and Cell Design
Author: J Black, Steve Hunter
ISBN: 087263647X / 9780872636477
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 325
Publisher: SME
Year: 2003
Availability: In Stock
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Eminent manufacturing systems experts J T. Black and Steve L. Hunter explain in this book how cellular manufacturing and assembly subsystems comprise the foundation for the entire lean production implementation process. Based on decades of study and firsthand observations of prominent companies in the automotive, aerospace, and many other industries, the authors explains how members of the lean implementation team, managers, and engineers can design and implement lean cellular systems. Readers will learn how to integrate quality and reliability control, machine tool maintenance, production and inventory control, and suppliers into the linked-cell system for one-piece parts movement within cells and small-lot movement between cells.


Chapter 1 : Introduction to Lean Manufacturing Systems and Cell Design
Chapter 2 : Ten Steps to Lean Production
Chapter 3 : Manufacturing System Design
Chapter 4 : Axiomatic Design Principles
Chapter 5 : Manned Interim Manufacturing and Assembly Cells
Chapter 6 : Setup Reduction
Chapter 7 : Integrated Quality Control
Chapter 8 : Integrated Reliability
Chapter 9 : Refining Lean Production
Chapter 10 : Production and Inventory Control
Chapter 11 : Making the Vendors Lean
Chapter 12 : Ergonomics in Cell Design
Chapter 13 : Automation and Autonomation
Chapter 14 : Simulation
Chapter 15 : The Toyota Production System Today


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