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Lean Manufacturing : A Plant Floor Guide

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Title: Lean Manufacturing : A Plant Floor Guide
Author: Charles Robinson, David Stewart & John Allen
ISBN: 0872635252 / 9780872635258
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 495
Publisher: SME
Year: 2001
Availability: In Stock
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This book takes readers on a comprehensive, 'street-level' journey through the entire lean implementation process. It is an easy-to-digest reference of lean fundamentals and processes that are mission-critical to a successful lean transformation in any plant. The information in this book can be readily put to use on the plant floor. Specific chapters on mapping the value stream, policy deployment, the five-phase implementation process, and problem-solving crystallize concepts with a pragmatic approach. In addition, the brownfield implementation chapter is a must-read for anyone contemplating a lean changeover from traditional mass production.

Core Values in a Lean Environment
Examine the Big Picture
Principles of Lean Manufacturing

Section 1 : Lean Basics
Chapter 1 : Flow
Chapter 2 : Quality Feedback
Chapter 3 : Lean Measurements and Their Use

Section 2 : Lean Implementation
Chapter 4 : Mapping the Value Stream
Chapter 5 : Business Case Development
Chapter 6 : Change Management in Lean Implementation
Chapter 7 : The Five-Phase Implementation Process
Chapter 8 : Creating a Lean Human Resource System

Section 3 : Lean Tools
Chapter 9 : Policy Deployment
Chapter 10 : Work Groups
Chapter 11 : Visual Factory
Chapter 12 : Error Proofing
Chapter 13 : Standardized Work
Chapter 14 : Quick Changeover
Chapter 15 : Total Productive Maintenance
Chapter 16 : Problem-solving
Chapter 17 : Pull Systems

Section 4 : Lean Applications
Chapter 18 : Greenfield Site Implementation
Chapter 19 : Brownfield Site Implementation


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