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Key Management Decisions: Tool and Techniques of the executive decision-maker

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Title: Key Management Decisions: Tool and Techniques of the executive decision-maker
Author: Des Dearlove
ISBN: 0273630091 / 9780273630098
Format: Soft Cover
Year: 1998
Availability: In Stock
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Key Management Decision : Tools and techniques of the executive decision-maker"...high on the accessibility scale....a robust and extremely useful guide to the major decisions managers face. Dearlove provides a clear path through the maze of decision-making theories and backs it up with a wealth of examples"

  • Effective decision-making is at the core of manager's role and value within an organisation.
  • The decisions you make control the direction of your business, your career and your life.
  • Manage more effectively by developing powerful decision-making techniques.
  • Key Management Decisions provides practical advice, guidance and timescales on decision-making concepts and skills.

This book will enable you to :

  • Differentiate between the diverse types of business decisions from strategic to operational
  • Strike a balance between decisions of the head and heart
  • Understand decision-making structures and theories
  • Use frameworks for difficult moral or ethical decisions
  • Prioritise decisions and use an appropriate timeframe for different types of decision
  • Understand the factors that lead to wrong decisions
  • Assess the right level of information and detail required to make an effective decision
  • Implement decisions

Key Management Decisions explores decision-making in the context of current management issues, giving you famous examples of both good and bad decisions

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Chapter 1 : Decisions, decisions, decisions
Chapter 2 : The garbage can and other models
Chapter 3 : The decision-makers' tool-box
Chapter 4 : The hare and the tortoise
Chapter 5 : Data, data everywhere
Chapter 6 : Decision-making structures
Chapter 7 : Decision-making cultures
Chapter 8 : Intuition and other 'soft skills'
Chapter 9 : Tough decision
Chapter 10 : Real decisions in practice


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