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James L.

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Supplier Certification: A Continuous Improvement Strategy

Author: James L., John O. and Bossert, Maass, Richard A. and Brown
ISBN: 0873890833 / 9780873890830
Year: 1990
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This guide for supplier certification is provided by using a nuts-and-bolts approach to implementing certification. The information follows Deming's model of plan, do, check, act and brings it to th...
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The Supplier Management Handbook, 6th Edition

Author: Bossert, James L.
ISBN: 0873896297 / 9780873896290
Year: 2004
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This new edition of The Supplier Management Handbook addresses the evolving role of the purchasing agent and discusses the future of customer-supplier relationships. Specifically, the book provides ...
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Applied Data Analysis for Process Improvement : A Practical Guide to Six Sigma Black Belt Statistics

Author: James L., Lamprecht
ISBN: 0873896483 / 9780873896481
Year: 2005
Availability: Out of Stock
With the rise of Six Sigma, the use of statistics to analyze and improve processes has once again regained a prominent place in businesses around the world. An increasing number of employees and man...
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