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Introduction to Renewable Power Systems and the Environment with R

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Title: Introduction to Renewable Power Systems and the Environment with R
Author: Miguel F. Acevedo
ISBN: 1138197343 / 9781138197343
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 446
Publisher: CRC Press
Year: 2018
Availability: 2 to 3 weeks
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This textbook introduces the fundamentals of renewable electrical power systems examining their direct relationships with the environment. It covers conventional power systems and opportunities for increased efficiencies and friendlier environmental interactions. While presenting state-of-the-art technology, the author uses a practical interdisciplinary approach explaining electrical, thermodynamics, and environmental topics within every chapter. This approach allows students to feel comfortable moving across these disciplines. The added value are the examples of software programs using open source systems which serve as learning tools for the concepts and techniques described in the book.

  • Discusses the sources of energy and their impact on the environment through a interdisciplinary approach.
  • Covers topics with the right level of detail, providing enough depth while maintaining a broad perspective
  • Emphasizes renewable energy generation technologies, their thermodynamics and how the related electrical power works
  • Suitable for a large number of courses with home exercises for each chapter and software calculations scripts for self practise
  • Introduction to R with examples from an open source program for utility scale and small scale


Chapter 1 : Basics of Environmental Systems, Thermodynamics, and Electric Circuits
Chapter 2 : Carbon Cycle, Magnetic Circuits, and Entropy
Chapter 3 : Steam Processes and Three-Phase Circuits
Chapter 4 : Natural Gas, Brayton Cycle, and Power Quality
Chapter 5 : The Electric Power Grid
Chapter 6 : Solar Resources and Power from PV
Chapter 7 : Wind Resources and Wind Power
Chapter 8 : Hydroelectric Power Generation
Chapter 9 : Other Major Sources : Geothermal and Nuclear Sources  
Chapter 10 : Off the Grid, Rural Areas, and Standalone Applications
Chapter 11 : Fuel Cells
Chapter 12 : Distributed Generation
Chapter 13 : Biomass, Agriculture, and Food
Chapter 14 : Other Topics, Applications, and Prospects
Chapter 15 : Economics and Financing
Chapter 16 : Introduction to R


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