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Introduction to Electrical Power and Power Electronics

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Title: Introduction to Electrical Power and Power Electronics
Author: Mukund R Patel
ISBN: 1466556609 / 9781466556607
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 528
Publisher: CRC Press
Year: 2013
Availability: 15-30 days
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Based on the authors 30 years of experience at General Motors, Lockheed Martin, and Westinghouse Electric Corporation, and 15 years of teaching, this textbook discusses the entire scope of electrical power and power electronic systems. It is organized into three sections: Power Generation, Distribution, and Utilization; Energy Storage and Economic Use of Power; and Power Electronics and Variable Frequency Motor Drives. It has many examples integrated within the text, exercise problems that help students calibrate their learning, and concept questions to engage students in group discussions on the topics covered in the chapter.


Part I : Power Generation, Distribution, and Utilization
Chapter 1 :
AC Power Fundamentals
Chapter 2 : Common Aspects of Power Equipments
Chapter 3 : AC Generator
Chapter 4 : AC and DC Motors
Chapter 5 : Transformer
Chapter 6 : Power Cable
Chapter 7 : Power Distribution
Chapter 8 : Fault Current Analysis
Chapter 9 : System Protection
Chapter 10 : Economic Use of Power
Chapter 11 : Electrochemical Battery

Part II : Power Electronics and Motor Drives
Chapter 12 :
Power Electronics Devices
Chapter 13 : DC–DC Converters
Chapter 14 : AC–DC–AC Converters
Chapter 15 : Variable-Frequency Drives
Chapter 16 : Quality of Power
Chapter 17 : Power Converter Cooling


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