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International Solutions to Sustainable Energy, Policies and Applications

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Title: International Solutions to Sustainable Energy, Policies and Applications
Author: Stephen A. Roosa
ISBN: 0815381026 / 9780815381020
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 460
Publisher: The Fairmont Press
Year: 2018
Availability: 15-30 days
  • Description

Offering an in-depth examination into sustainable energy sources, applications, technologies and policies, this book provides real-world examples of ways to achieve important sustainability goals. Themes include program assessment, energy efficiency, renewables, clean energy and approaches to carbon reduction. Included are a compiled set of chapters discussing the various international strategies and policies being planned and implemented to reduce energy use, impact carbon emissions and shift towards alternative energy sources. Taking an international perspective, contributors from the U.S., Canada, Trinidad and Tobago, Peru, Hungary, Spain, Iran, Ukraine, Jordan, the UAE, Nigeria, South Africa, India, China and Korea, offer their views of energy issues and provide detailed solutions. These can be broadly applied by engineers, scientists, energy managers, policy experts and decision makers to today’s critical energy problems.

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