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Information Technology Management : A Knowledge Repository

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Title: Information Technology Management : A Knowledge Repository
Author: Jay Liebowitz
ISBN: 0849371678 / 9780849371677
Format: Soft Cover
Publisher: CRC Press
Year: 1999
Availability: In Stock
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Mainly based on the author's personal experiences with a variety of organizations, this succinct book presents short cases, anecdotes, and vignettes describing the management of information technology. Information Technology Management includes numerous case studies primarily focusing on business, industry, and government systems. This singular resource serves expert systems managers and information technology managers and developers.Although the material emphasizes those cases involving management relating to expert systems technology, the reader can replace the term "expert system" with "information system" technology in almost all the case studies as many of the lessons generally hold true for information systems.

Provides an introduction to the tenets of systems management
Details the "whys" and "why-nots" of expert systems management by examining more than twenty case studies
Profiles the author's twenty years as an industry consultant
Acts as a primary resource for managers and developers of information technology


Section 1 : Keep Running, But Make Sure Your have Your Shoes on
Chapter 1 : A Knowledge Repository of Lessons Learned : Their Need and Importance
Chapter 2 : The Shoemaker’s Children Go Barefoot
Chapter 3 : CESA : An Expert System for Aiding in U.S. Defense Research Contracting
Chapter 4 : The Independent Office Supply Store Without Any Automation
Chapter 5 : A Tax Help Desk System in the Government
Chapter 6 : War Stories
Chapter 7 : Putting the Cart Before the Horse at a Major University
Chapter 8 : A Day at the Doctor’s Office

Section 2 : Management, Development, and Legal Considerations
Chapter 9 : Understanding the Corporate Culture
Chapter 10 : Have a Good Follow-Through
Chapter 11 : Integrating and Evaluating Decision Support Systems into the Organizations
Chapter 12 : Avoid Being the Political Football
Chapter 13 : How Tight a Grip is Necessary
Chapter 14 : Use It or Lost It
Chapter 15 : Managing Multimedia Development Projects
Chapter 16 : Critical Success Factors in Multimedia Development
Chapter 17 : Lessons Learned in Deploying Multimedia
Chapter 18 : Integrating Multimedia into the Curriculum : Technology Transfer Issues
Chapter 19 : Legal Issues for Expert Systems Institutionalization
Chapter 20 : GUESS : A Generically Used Expert Scheduling System for NASA
Chapter 21 : An Applications Experience of Introducing EVIDENT to Law Professors
Chapter 22 : Publish or Perish – A Publisher’s Dilemma
Chapter 23 : Information/Expert Systems Failures : A Case Study of “Everything That Could Go Wrong, and Did”

Section 3 : A Code of Ethics
Chapter 24 : Ethics Should Prevail
Chapter 25 : The Consultant’s Dilemma : Risk Versus Return
Chapter 26 : What Clients Need to Know about the Expert Systems Being Built for Them

Section 4 : Future Considerations
Chapter 27 : Intelligent-Aided Multimedia : Prospects and Issues
Chapter 28 : A Snapshot of the Robotics Age


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