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Information Service Excellence Through TQM

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Title: Information Service Excellence Through TQM
Author: Timothy Braithwaite
ISBN: 0873892712 / 9780873892711
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 145
Publisher: ASQ
Year: 1994
Availability: In Stock
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This book presents an application of total quality management (TQM) principles, tools, and techniques to the business of defining, constucting, and delivering automated information systems and services. This book will prepare anyone within an information services (IS) department to understand and fully participatein the quality improvement and reengineering challenges facing corporate America and the government. It also illustrate for IS user management and the quality assurance professional some of the actions and IS provider needs to take in order to support the quality initiatives of the rest of the organization.

Author Timothy Braithwaite uses his many years of experience as a systems development and data processing executive to apply the principles of TQM to the development process and to the management practices of the IS department. His approach helps and IS department to easily comprehend this to-the-point primer on how to apply TQM in the typical IS departmental environment
Today's ever-increasing dependence on technology mandates a real need for quality information services produced by automation. Let Information Service Excellence Through TQM: Building Partnerships for Business Process Reengineering and Continuous Improvement be your quality transformation guide.

Key topics of the book include :

A generic treatment of TQM applied to the business of IS
The need to improve the quality and performance of most information systems and services
TQM and the management of the systems development process
How to create an environment for success for quality improvement initiatives
Steps for implementing a system of continuous improvement in IS
Creating a quality-conscious IS organization
Deming's 14 points applied to the IS organization
Identifying and using cost of quality to monitor IS projects and identify areas requiring corrective action
Steps for getting an IS/TQM program started and hints for resuscitating one that has floundered


Chapter 1. : Perceptions of the Information Services (IS)
Chapter 2. : A Generic Treatment of TQM
Chapter 3. : TQM for the IS Department
Chapter 4. : TQM and Management of the SDP I : Creating the Environment for Success
Chapter 5. : TQM and Management of the SDP II : Requirements Definition
Chapter 6. : TQM and Management of the SDP III : Construction and Delivery
Chapter 7. : Creating a Quality-Conscious is Department Introduction
Chapter 8. : Possible Futures for an is Department in a Quality-Conscious Enterprise


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