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Industrial Polymers

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Title: Industrial Polymers
Author: E. Alfredo Campo
ISBN: 156990409X / 9781569904091
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 180
Publisher: Hanser Gardner
Year: 2007
Availability: Out of Stock
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This book provides a comprehensive and very practical overview of the various plastic materials used in today's industrial applications. Its focus is on material properties and areas of application. All industrially significant plastic families and grades are introduced following the same approach: their chemical constitution, manufacturing, properties, processing, and end use applications. The consistent presentation allows easy comparison of different materials for the reader and will help with the initial identification of suitable plastic materials for a given end-use. Ample full-color illustrations are testimony to the fact that plastic materials are the ultimate tribute to man's creativity and inventiveness.

Chapter 1 : Polymeric Materials
Chapter 2 : Thermoplastic Polymers
Chapter 3 : Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE)
Chapter 4 : Liquid Injection Molding Silicone (LIM)
Chapter 5 : Thermoset Polymers

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