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Industrial Initiatives for Environmental Conservation

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Title: Industrial Initiatives for Environmental Conservation
Author: Romesh Vaitilingam
ISBN: 0273602640 / 9780273602644
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 220
Year: 1993
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This book examines what is happening at the forefront of corporate environmental action, and demonstrates the potential for productivity gains and improved profits across a range of sectors and countries. It brings together a wealth of valuable material for all managers looking to participate in the environmental revolution.
Industrial Initiatives for Environmental Conservation is a wide-ranging discussion of the closely connected issues of environmental management, economic development and business strategy in the 1990s and beyond. It

Highlights the central role of industry in the crucial transition to an environmentally sustainable global economy
Provides case studies of specific initiatives taken by particular corporations including MAZDA, ICI, Pacific Gas and Procter and Gamble.
Surveys the attitudes and efforts of business towards environmental conservation
Examines the successful approach adopted by Japanese companies
Looks at the next steps governments and international organizations must take
Succeed in ensuring that your company implements green management successfully and gains a competitive advantage.


Part 1 : Business and The Environment
Chapter 1 : The Environment and the Global Economy
Chapter 2 : Government Initiatives After Rio
Chapter 3 : Business and a Sustainable Future
Chapter 4 : Perspectives from Industry
Chapter 5 : Industry, Environment and Government

Part 2 : Markets, Regulation and Business Strategy
Chapter 6 : Rio and the Road Beyond
Chapter 7 : Environmental Regulation and Market Incentives
Chapter 8 : Business Responses to the Environmental Challenge
Chapter 9 : Green Management for Competitive Advantage
Chapter 10 : Going Green throughout the Company

Part 3 : Industrial Initiatives for the Environment
Chapter 11 : ICI and the Chemical Industry
Chapter 12 : Mazda and the Motor Industry

Appendix : The Rio Declaration on Environment and Development
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