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Industrial Fire Safety Guidebook

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Title: Industrial Fire Safety Guidebook
Author: Tatyana Davletshina
ISBN: 8174890106 / 9788174890108
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 531
Publisher: Infotech
Year: 2004
Availability: Out of Stock
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This reference has been written for emergency response personnel, plant safety specialists, and emergency response coordinators. It has been prepared at a practical level to assist both in training safety personnel and to provide technical information that can assist in responding to a hazard material incident that could lead to a fire hazard situation. Considerable information and technical data are given on petroleum based products since these are among the most widely consumed products, however, the reader will find ample information on other chemicals. Fire situations pose one of the most serious problems in an industrial setting, with the potential loss of lives and property, as well as damage to the environment. Proper response by trained personnel, as well as careful preplanning can minimize the risk and damage caused by fire.

About the Author

Chapter 1 : Fire Protection Principles
Chapter 2 : Fire Hazard Terminology
Chapter 3 : Properties and Flammability of Hydrocarbons
Chapter 4 : Engineering and Technical Data on Petroleum Products
Chapter 5 : Fire and Explosion Guide for Common Chemicals
Chapter 6 : Chemical Compatibility Information
Chapter 7 : Responding to Spills and Leaks

Appendix : Hazard Chemicals Listing

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