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Industrial Electronics : Devices and Systems, 2nd Edition

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Title: Industrial Electronics : Devices and Systems, 2nd Edition
Author: Dale R. Patrick, Stephen W. Fardo
ISBN: 0824705017 / 9780824705015
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 684
Publisher: Marcel Dekker
Year: 2000
Availability: In Stock
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Reflecting the transition from largely manual manufacturing methods to sophisticated automated procedures, the second edition of this text provides an updated guide to devices and automated systems - revealing developments in solid-state electronics, microminiaturization, computers, microprocessors, programmable controllers, and robotics.;The text examines automation procedures commonly used in manufacturing operations, including time, light, electrical power, numerical information, temperature, motion, weight, conductivity, viscosity, and pressure. It also presents presents detailed coverage of: the function of a load device in electrical power conversion; the difference between analog and digital quantities; controlling a manufacturing operation through timing mechanisms; the transmission path of an optoelectronic systems; open- and closed-loop motion control; devices used to achieve motion; major components of an industrial robot; applying systems concepts to temperature systems; and the effect of a microprocessor in industry logic.;Advocating better product quality and more economical production, Industrial Electronics is a practical, desk-top reference for industrial, electrical and electronics, computer, and optical engineers, and upper-level undergraduate and graduate students in these disciplines.

Chapter 1 : Industrial Electronic Systems Overview
Chapter 2 : Industrial Electronics Sources and Power Supplies
Chapter 3 : Amplification
Chapter 4 : Operational Amplifiers
Chapter 5 : Thyristors and Electronic Switching Devices
Chapter 6 : Triacs and Diacs
Chapter 7 : Transducers and Sensors
Chapter 8 : Electrical Power Conversion
Chapter 9 : Digital Electronic Systems
Chapter 10 : Microprocessor Systems
Chapter 11 : Programmable Logic Controllers
Chapter 12 : Controlling Industrial Manufacturing Operations
Chapter 13 : Timers
Chapter 14 : Optoelectronic Systems
Chapter 15 : Thermal Systems
Chapter 16 : Motion Control
Chapter 17 : Industrial Robots


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