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Industrial Ecology : Environmental Chemistry and Hazardous Waste

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Title: Industrial Ecology : Environmental Chemistry and Hazardous Waste
Author: Stanley E Manahan
ISBN: 1566703816 / 9781566703819
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 336
Publisher: Lewis
Year: 1999
Availability: In Stock
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Industrial ecology may be a relatively new concept - yet it's already proven instrumental for solving a wide variety of problems involving pollution and hazardous waste, especially where available material resources have been limited.

By treating industrial systems in a manner that parallels ecological systems in nature, industrial ecology provides a substantial addition to the technologies of environmental chemistry.

Stanley E. Manahan, bestselling author of many environmental chemistry books for Lewis Publishers, now examines Industrial Ecology: Environmental Chemistry and Hazardous Waste. His study of this innovative technology uses an overall framework of industrial ecology to cover hazardous wastes from an environmental chemistry perspective.
Chapters one to seven focus on how industrial ecology relates to environmental science and technology, with consideration of the anthrosphere as one of five major environmental spheres. Subsequent chapters deal specifically with hazardous substances and hazardous waste, as they relate to industrial ecology and environmental chemistry.

Written by the author of Environmental Chemistry, Fundamentals of Environmental Chemistry, and Toxicological Chemistry-some of the most widely used books for students and professionals alike
Provides a unique reference for professionals in environmental chemistry and industrial ecology
Serves as a textbook for courses on hazardous waste
Suitable for students and professionals who have an understanding of general chemistry, and some exposure to organic chemistry


Chapter 1 : The Environment and the Anthrosphere
Chapter 2 : Industrial Ecology and Industrial Systems
Chapter 3 : Principles of Industrial Metabolism
Chapter 4 : Industrial Ecosystems
Chapter 5 : Life Cycles : Products, Processes, and Facilities
Chapter 6 : Industrial Ecology and Resources
Chapter 7 : Environmental Chemistry and Industrial Ecology
Chapter 8 : Hazardous Substances and Wastes
Chapter 9 : Environmental Chemistry of Hazardous Materials
Chapter 10 : Hazardous Inorganic and Organometallic Materials
Chapter 11 : Hazardous Organic Materials
Chapter 12 : Toxicolgical and Biological Hazards
Chapter 13 : Industrial Ecology of Waste Minimization
Chapter 14 : Industrial Ecology of Waste Treatment
Chapter 15 : Industrial Ecology of Waste Disposal


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