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In Detail High-Density Housing : Concepts, Planning, Construction

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Title: In Detail High-Density Housing : Concepts, Planning, Construction
Author: Christian, Schittich
ISBN: 3764371137 / 9783764371135
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 174
Year: 2004
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In view of the growing number of diverse life styles, the search for flexible, adaptable floor plans has become a fundamental issue in residential building. That the continued demand in urban centres can only be responsibly satisfied by high-density housing is undisputed. More than ever before, building high-density housing is a diverse and challenging task for planners and architects. This book presents international projects which document the complexity of the task, from the design of the floor plans, the development and use of resources, to the use of economically beneficial building systems. The high quality of the architecture and construction in such residential areas can be clearly seen in the uniform illustrations of the floor plans, and large-scale drawings of details. The introductory contributions discuss extensively the topic of floor plan design and development. This book is a comprehensive review of the current state of residential building, the perspectives and future developments.

Chapter 1 : The Challenge of High-Density Housing
Chapter 2 : From Isolation in the Peripherie to the Highrise of Homes in the City
Chapter 3 : Inside and Outside – The Search for Special Qualities in Contemporary Housing
Chapter 4 : Projects
Chapter 5 : Housing Development in Zurich
Chapter 6 : Housing Block in Merano
Chapter 7 : Housing Development in Dornbirn
Chapter 8 : Housing Development in Trofaiach
Chapter 9 : Housing Towers in Constance
Chapter 10 : Residential and Commercial Centre near Copenhagen
Chapter 11 : Housing in Tokyo
Chapter 12 : Housing Blocks in Gifu
Chapter 13 : Patio Houses in Amsterdam
Chapter 14 : Housing Development in Paris
Chapter 15 : Housing Block in Munich
Chapter 16 : Two Housing Blocks in Munich
Chapter 17 : Housing Block in Madrid
Chapter 18 : Apartment Block in Basel
Chapter 19 : Housing Blocks in Ingolstadt
Chapter 20 : Housing Blocks in Potsdam
Chapter 21 : Housing Development in Ingolstadt
Chapter 22 : Housing Development in Hanover
Chapter 23 : Housing Block in Zurich
Chapter 24 : Housing Development in Munich
Chapter 25 : Two Housing Blocks in Berlin
Chapter 26 : City Block in Rotterdam
Chapter 27 : Housing in Ludwigsburg

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