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Improving Performance Through Statistical Thinking

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Title: Improving Performance Through Statistical Thinking
Author: Donald W. Emerling, Galen C. Britz, Lynne B. Hare, Roger W. Hoeri, Stauart J. Janis
ISBN: 8122427960 / 9788122427967
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 171
Publisher: New Age
Year: 2010
Availability: In Stock
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For those organizations striving to make improvement, Improving Performance Through Statistical Thinking presents a clear and practical explanation of statistical thinking without the typical equations and formulas. Not simply a list of tools, this book bridges the gap from concept to application by providing step-by-step guidance on how to get started on problems. In addition, case histories provide real-world examples for readers to extend to their own processes, while they learn how to implement statistical thinking in their organization. Concepts are clearly illustrated for readers to follow and extend to their own processes.


Part I : Why is Statistical Thinking Important?
Chapter 1 : Introduction
Chapter 2 : Case Study : Time's Running Out

Part II : What is Statistical Thinking?
Chapter 3 : Statistical Thinking Defined
Chapter 4 : Improvement Using Statistical Thinking
Chapter 5 : More About Variation and Data
Chapter 6 : Statistical Thinking at Various Organizational Levels

Part III : How Do You Apply Statistical Thinking?
Chapter 7 : A Model for Applying Statistical Thinking
Chapter 8 : The Process Improvement Strategy
Chapter 9 : The Problem Solving Strategy
Chapter 10 : The Realized Revenue Flasco
Chapter 11 : Tools Used In Statistical Thinking

Part IV : Impementing Statistical Thinking Capability

Chapter 12 : Orgnizational Tips
Chapter 13 : New Managment Tools to Identify Implementation Barriers
Chapter 14 : Practice Scenarios

Part V : Summary

Appendix : Practice Scenarios - Think to Consider

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