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Implementing Quality on the Shop Floor : A Practical Guide

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Title: Implementing Quality on the Shop Floor : A Practical Guide
Author: Katsuyoshi Ishihara
ISBN: 052791634X / 9780527916343
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 256
Publisher: Quality Resources
Year: 1992
Availability: In Stock
Special Indian Edition. FREE Shipping with in India.
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To outpace the competition in the 1990s and beyond, companies must employ quality improvement practices in the daily operation of their manufacturing facilities. In Implementing Quality on the Shop Floor : A Practical Guide, Katsuyoshi Ishihara presents the principles and techniques needed to do just that - manage quality effectively and efficiently.

Drawing on extensive experience working in quality control departments, Ishihara provides step-by-step procedures for setting and achieving quality objectives in the factory. He discusses the philosophy behind quality control as well as the use of the plan-do-check-act cycle, the value of production standards, the role of supervisory personnel, the management of quality improvement teams, and methods of error prevention.

A must for supervisors, factory managers, and quality improvement team members, this complete handbook shows how to establish reliable quality assurance practices in production facilities and how to make quality everyone's responsibility.


Chapter 1 : What is Quality Control?
Chapter 2 : Quality Control in the Factory
Chapter 3 : Operating Guide and Operating Manual
Chapter 4 : Error Prevention
Chapter 5 : Factory Management
Chapter 6 : Improvement Techniques
Chapter 7 : Training Program and Worksheets

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