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Implementing Lean Manufacturing Techniques : Making Your System Lean and Living With It

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Title: Implementing Lean Manufacturing Techniques : Making Your System Lean and Living With It
Author: Julian Page
ISBN: 1569903530 / 9781569903537
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 278
Publisher: Hanser Gardner
Year: 2004
Availability: 15-30 days
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This guide to taking your enterprise lean focuses on the steps that management and workers must collectively adopt to transform any organization into a lean operation. While everyone agrees that reducing waste in a factory is a good thing, one must first learn how to recognize bottlenecks, poorly designed workstations, workflow disruptions, and other roadblocks to productivity: then, clear, decisive steps to remove these and all other forms of waste from the factory must be taken. In Implementing Lean Manufacturing Techniques: Making Your System Lean and Living With It, Julian Page draws on experience gained in a wide range of manufacturing environments to provide modern lean alternatives to traditional factory methods. His techniques are fully detailed, practical, workable, durable, and proven in real-life applications, and they are accompanied by step-by-step implementation and evaluation guidelines. Most importantly, the author shows that actions are not enough, the workforce must be taught to accept lean, not have it forced upon them. Examples are provided where necessary, and useful tips and words of caution help guide the reader through sequential steps to becoming lean.

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Part 1 : An Introduction to the Lean Management System
Chapter 1 : What is Lean Management?
Chapter 2 : A Lean Management System Overview

Part 2 : The Business Renewal Process
Introducing the Nonesuch Casting Company Case
Chapter 3 : Establishing A Vision
Chapter 4 : Building A Development Strategy

Part 3 : The Strategic Improvement Cycle
Chapter 5 : Phase 1 : Focus
Chapter 6 : Phase 2 : Standardization
Chapter 7 : Phase 3 : Adherence
Chapter 8 : Phase 4 : Reflection

Postscript : Continuing the Cycle of Organizational Learning
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