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IS SP 7 AMENDMENT 1 : National Building Code of India 2005 (Part 11)

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Title: IS SP 7 AMENDMENT 1 : National Building Code of India 2005 (Part 11)
Author: BIS

Format: Soft Cover
Pages: 117
Publisher: BIS
Year: 2015
Availability: In Stock
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In this Part 11 of the Code, where reference in made to 'good practice' in relation to design, constructional procedures or other related information, and where reference is made to 'accepted standard' in relation to material specification, testing, or other related information, the Indian Standards listed at the end of this Part may be used as a guide to the interpretation.


Section 1 : Scope
Section 2 : Terminology
Section 3 : Approach to Sustainability
Section 4 : Applicability of This Part
Section 5 : Implementation of This Part
Section 6 : Siting, Form and Design
Section 7 : External Development and Landscape
Section 8 : Envelope Optimization
Section 9 : Materials
Section 10 : Water and Waste Management
Section 11 : Building Services Optimization
Section 12 : Constructional Practices
Section 13 : Commissioning, Operation, Maintenance and Building Performance Tracking

Annex A : Design Strategies as per Climate Zones for Various Seasons
Annex B : Prescriptive Method for Envelope Optimization
Annex C : Trade-Off Method for Envelope Optimization
Annex D : Whole Building Analysis Method for Envelope Optimization
List of Standards

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