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Hydroprocessing for Clean Energy : Design, Operation, and Optimization

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Title: Hydroprocessing for Clean Energy : Design, Operation, and Optimization
Author: Edwin Yuh, Frank (Xin X.) Zhu, Richard Hoehn, Vasant Thakkar
ISBN: 1118921356 / 9781118921357
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 576
Publisher: Wiley
Year: 2017
Availability: In Stock
  • Description
  • Contents

Provides a holistic approach that looks at changing process conditions, possible process design changes, and process technology upgrades

  • Includes process integration techniques for improving process designs and for applying optimization techniques for improving operations focusing on hydroprocessing units.
  • Discusses in details all important aspects of hydroprocessing – including catalytic materials, reaction mechanism, as well as process design, operation and control, troubleshooting and optimization
  • Methods and tools are introduced that have a successful application track record at UOP and many industrial plants in recent years
  • Includes relevant calculations/software/technologies hosted online for purchasers of the book


Part I : Fundamentals
Chapter 1 :
Overview of This Book
Chapter 2 : Refinery Feeds, Products, and Processes
Chapter 3 : Diesel Hydrotreating Process
Chapter 4 : Description of Hydrocracking Process

Part II : Hydroprocessing Design
Chapter 5 :
Process Design Considerations
Chapter 6 : Distillate Hydrotreating Unit Design
Chapter 7 : Hydrocracking Unit Design

Part III : Energy and Process Integration
Chapter 8 :
Heat Integration for Better Energy Efficiency
Chapter 9 : Process Integration for Low-Cost Design
Chapter 10 : Distillation Column Operating Window

Part IV : Process Equipment Assessment
Chapter 11 :
Fired Heater Assessment
Chapter 12 : Pump Assessment
Chapter 13 : Compressor Assessment
Chapter 14 : Heat Exchanger Assessment
Chapter 15 : Distillation Column Assessment

Part V : Process System Evaluation
Chapter 16 :
Energy Benchmarking
Chapter 17 : Key Indicators and Targets
Chapter 18 : Distillation System Optimization

Part VI : Operational Guidelines and Troubleshooting
Chapter 19 :
Common Operating Issues
Chapter 20 :
Troubleshooting Case Analysis


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