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Hydroelectric Energy : Renewable Energy and the Environment

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Title: Hydroelectric Energy : Renewable Energy and the Environment
Author: Ajoy Karki, Bikash Pandey
ISBN: 1439811679 / 9781439811672
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 384
Publisher: CRC Press
Year: 2016
Availability: 15-30 days
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Providing essential theory and useful practical techniques for implementing hydroelectric projects, this book outlines the resources, power generation technologies, applications, and strengths and weaknesses for hydroelectric technologies. Emphasizing the links between energy and the environment, it serves as a useful background resource and facilitates decision-making regarding which renewable energy technology works best for different types of applications and regions. Including examples, real world case studies, and lessons learned, each chapter contains exercise questions, references, and ample photographs and technical drawings from actual micro hydropower plants.


Chapter 1 : Historical Development of Hydropower
Chapter 2 : Basics of Hydropower
Chapter 3 : Site Selection and Planning

Part I : Technical Design
Chapter 4 :
Intake and Diversion Works
Chapter 5 : Headrace
Chapter 6 : Sediment Removal Systems - Gravel Trap and Settling Basin
Chapter 7 : Forebay
Chapter 8 : Penstock Pipe
Chapter 9 : Anchor Blocks and Support Piers
Chapter 10 : Powerhouse and Tailrace
Chapter 11 : Electromechanical Equipment

Part II : Costing and Financial Analysis
Chapter 12 :
Cost Estimation
Chapter 13 : Financial Analysis

Part III : Sustainable Operation of Community Hydropower Plants
Chapter 14 :
Participatory Processes in Hydropower Development
Chapter 15 : Productive End Uses

Subject Index
Glossary Etc
Teacher's Exercise Solutions Manual

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