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Hydrocarbon Process Safety

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Title: Hydrocarbon Process Safety
Author: J.C. Jones
ISBN: 1593700040 / 9781593700041
Format: Soft Cover
Pages: 304
Publisher: PennWell
Year: 2003
Availability: Out of Stock
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The vitally important subject of process safety in the hydrocarbon industry is addressed in this book. The coverage is broad and the author has integrated the various aspects so that the book will be readily accessible to readers of diverse backgrounds. A grasp of the material requires only familiarity with physical and organic chemistry (at first-year undergraduate level) and with heat transfer and fluid flow at the same level. The text is complemented by many numerical examples with full solutions.


Chapter 1 : Background to the Oil and Gas Industry
Chapter 2 : Hydrocarbon Leakage and Dispersion
Chapter 3 : The Combustion Behaviour of Hydrocarbons
Chapter 4 : Physical Operations on Hydrocarbons and Associated Hazards
Chapter 5 : Chemical Operations on Hydrocarbons and Hydrocarbon Derivatives
Chapter 6 : Some Relevant Design Principles
Chapter 7 : Some Relevant Measurement Principles
Chapter 8 : Offshore Oil and Gas Production
Chapter 9 : Hazards Associated with Particular Hydrocarbon Products
Chapter 10 : Toxicity Hazards
Chapter 11 : Safe Disposal of Unwanted Hydrocarbon
Chapter 12 : Means of Obtaining Hydrocarbons Other than from Crude Oil and Related Safety Issues

Appendix : The Canvey and Rijnmond Studies
Solutions to Numerical Examples
True/False Questions

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