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Hydrocarbon Chemistry, 2nd Edition

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Title: Hydrocarbon Chemistry, 2nd Edition
Author: Arpad Molnar, George A. Olah
ISBN: 0471417823 / 9780471417828
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 872
Publisher: Wiley
Year: 2003
Availability: 15-30 days
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Hydrocarbons and their transformations play major roles in chemistry as raw materials and sources of energy. Diminishing petroleum supplies, regulatory problems, and environmental concerns constantly challenge chemists to rethink and redesign the industrial applications of hydrocarbons. Written by Nobel Prize-winner George Olah and hydrocarbon expert Árpád Molnár, the completely revised and expanded Second Edition of Hydrocarbon Chemistry provides an unparalleled contemporary assessment of the field, presenting basic concepts, current research, and future applications.
Hydrocarbon Chemistry begins by discussing the general aspects of hydrocarbons, the separation of hydrocarbons from natural sources, and the synthesis from C1 precursors with recent developments for possible future applications. Each successive chapter deals with a specific type of hydrocarbon transformation. The Second Edition includes a new section on the chemical reduction of carbon dioxide–focusing on catalytic, ionic, electrocatalytic, photocatalytic, and ezymatic reductions–as well as a new chapter on new catalysts and activation methods, combinatorial chemistry, and environmental chemistry. Other topics covered include:

  • Major processes of the petrochemical industry, such as cracking, reforming, isomerization, and alkylation
  • Derivation reactions to form carbon-heteroatom bonds
  • Hydrocarbon oxidations
  • Metathesis
  • Oligomerization and polymerization of hydrocarbons

All chapters have been updated by adding sections on recent developments to review new advances and results. Essential reading for practicing scientists in industry, polymer and catalytic chemists, as well as researchers and graduate students, Hydrocarbon Chemistry, Second Edition remains the benchmark text in its field.

Preface to The Second Edition
Preface to The First Edition

Chapter 1 : General Aspects
Chapter 2 : Hydrocarbon from Petroleum and Natural Gas
Chapter 3 : Synthesis from C1 Sources
Chapter 4 : Isomerization
Chapter 5 : Alkylation
Chapter 6 : Addition
Chapter 7 : Carbonylation
Chapter 8 : Acylation
Chapter 9 : Oxidation-Oxygenation
Chapter 10 : Heterosubstitution
Chapter 11 : Reduction - Hydrogenation
Chapter 12 : Metathesis
Chapter 13 : Oligomerization and Polymerization
Chapter 14 : Emerging Areas and Trends


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