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Hybrid Modeling in Process Industries

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Title: Hybrid Modeling in Process Industries
Author: Jarka Glassey, Moritz von Stosch
ISBN: 1498740863 / 9781498740869
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 211
Publisher: CRC Press
Year: 2018
Availability: 15-30 days
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This title introduces the underlying theory and demonstrates practical applications in different process industries using hybrid modeling. The fundamental part covers questions on “How to develop a hybrid model?”, “How to represent and identify unknown parts?”, “How to enhance the model quality by design of experiments?” and “How to compare different hybrid models?” together with tips and good practices for the efficient development of high quality hybrid models. The application part covers the utilization of hybrid modeling for typical process operation and design applications in industries such as chemical, petrochemical, biochemical, food and pharmaceutical process engineering.

  • Reviews hybrid modeling approach applicability in wide range of process industries
  • Recommends how to increase hybrid model performance
  • Insights into cost efficient practices in modeling techniques
  • Discusses advance process operation maximizing the benefits of available process knowledge
  • Includes real-life, practical case studies


Chapter 1 : Benefits and Challenges of Hybrid Modelling In The Process Industries : An Introduction
Chapter 2 : Hybrid Model Structures for Knowledge Integration
Chapter 3 : Hybrid Models and Experimental Design
Chapter 4 : Hybrid Model Identification and Discrimination With Practical Examples From The Chemical Industry
Chapter 5 : Hybrid Modeling of Biochemical Processes
Chapter 6 : Hybrid Modelling of Petrochemical Processes
Chapter 7 : Implementation of Hybrid Neural Models to Predict The Behaviour of Food Transformation and Food Waste Valorisation Processes
Chapter 8 : Hybrid Modelling of Pharmaceutical Processes and PAT


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