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Humic Substances: Versatile Components of Plants, Soil and Water

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Title: Humic Substances: Versatile Components of Plants, Soil and Water
Author: Etham A. Ghabbour, Geoffrey Davies, Geoffrey Davies
ISBN: 0854048553 / 9780854048557
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 341
Publisher: Royal Society of Chemistry
Year: 2000
Availability: In Stock
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As biomaterials that are of vital importance to the productivity, health and safety of the world's land and water, humic substances are increasingly in the scientific spotlight. However, their structures remain something of a mystery.

This book, with its molecular approach, brings the reader right up to date with current research, the key features being advanced analytical methods and physical measurements. Spectroscopic and mass-based approaches, in particular quantitative NMR, are discussed in detail as a means of attempting to understand the structures of these complex substances. Chromatographic techniques, including fluorescent fractionation, are also described. The use of coal-based humic substances for soil enhancement, water purification and soil remediation as an alternative to present methods is explored. Comprehensive, with contributions from international experts, "Humic Substances" will have a broad appeal to researchers in many disciplines, including agricultural and environmental science.


Chapter 1. : The Study of Humic Substances - In Search of a Paradigm
Chapter 2. : Humic Substances and Humification
Chapter 3. : Humification of Duck Farm Wastes
Chapter 4. : Catalytic Effects of Hydroxy-Aluminum and Silicic Acid on Catechol Humification
Chapter 5. : Effect of Cover Crop Systems on the Characteristics of Soil Humic Substances
Chapter 6. : Structural-group Quantitation by CP/MAS C NMR Measurements of Dissolved Organic Matter from Natural Surface Waters
Chapter 7. : Structural Investigation of Humic Substances Using 2D Solid-State Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
Chapter 8. : Procedures for the Isolation and Fractionation of Humic Substances
Chapter 9. : Differences in High Performance Size Exclusion Chromatography between Humic Substances and Macromolecular Polymers
Chapter 10. : Characterization of the 'Fluorescent Fraction' of Soil Humic Acids
Chapter 11. : Investigations of Humic Materials Aggregation with Scattering Methods
Chapter 12. : Application of MALDI-TOF-MS to the Characterisation of Fulvic Acids
Chapter 13. : Sorption of Aqueous Humic Acid to a Test Aquifer Material and Implications for Subsurface Remediation
Chapter 14. : Validation of a One-Parameter Concept to Elucidate the Sorption of Hydrophobic Organic Compounds into Humic Organic Matter and Bioconcentration Processes
Chapter 15. : The Interaction between Esfenvalerate and Humic Substances of Different Origin
Chapter 16. : Adsorption-Desorption Interactions of Environmental Endocrine Disruptors with Humic Acids from Soils and Urban Sludges
Chapter 17. : Binding of Organic Nitrogen Compounds to Soil Fulvic Acid as Measured by Molecular Fluorescence Spectroscopy
Chapter 18. : Flow Field-Flow Fractionation-Inductively Coupled Plasma-Mass Spectrometry (FLOW-FFF-ICP-MS): A Versatile Approach for Characterization of Trace Metals Complexed to Soil-Derived Humic Acids
Chapter 19. : EXAFS and XANES Studies of Effects of pH on Complexation of Copper by Humic Substances
Chapter 20. : Main Conclusions of the EC-Humics Project: 'Effects of Humic Substances on the Migration of Radionuclides: Complexation and Transport of Actinides'
Chapter 21. : Natural Organic Matter from a Norwegian Lake: Possible Structural Changes Resulting from Lake Acidification
Chapter 22. : Organoclays Remove Humic Substances from Water
Chapter 23. : Mass Spectrometry and Capillary Electrophoresis Analysis of Coal-Derived Humic Acids Produced from Oxihumolite. A Comparison Study
Chapter 24. : Analysis and Characterization of a 'Standard' Coal Derived Humic Acid
Chapter 25. : Performance Improvement and Applications of Humasorb-Cs: A Humic Acid-Based Adsorbent for Contaminated Water Clean Up
Chapter 26. : Humic Acid Products for Improved Phosphorous Fertilizer Management

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