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Human Resource Development in Japanese Companies

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Title: Human Resource Development in Japanese Companies
Author: Foreword by Robert J. Ballon, Hideo Inohara
ISBN: 9283311140 / 9789283311140
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 307
Publisher: APO
Year: 1997
Availability: Out of Stock
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The effective utilization of human resources has been a key factor in Japan’s economic success. Since many would like to emulate the Japanese success story, there has been worldwide interest in Japanese human resource development.

In this insightful text, Hideo Inohara provides a thorough explanation of the external and internal factors on work organization in Japan. Also covered in detail is a review of all aspects of personnel management in Japan. Inohara clarifies and reveals the realities of Japanese personnel management and labor relations. In addition, he sheds light on the controversy over the “transferability” of Japanese human resource practices to other countries. Case studies of the Canon Corporation, Isetan Department Store, and Orii Company provide the opportunity to view Japanese human resource development in the everyday work environment. The author also includes explanations of human resource practices in Japanese subsidiaries located in Europe.

This text serves as a basic and comprehensive reference for managers and students who would like to learn positive as well as negative lessons from Japanese development of human resources.

Preface to the Revised Edition
List of Tables
List of Figures

Part 1 : The Context
Chapter 1. : The Labor Market
Chapter 2. : The Workplace
Chapter 3. : The Work System
Chapter 4. : The Personnel Department

Part 2 : Personnel Systems and Practices
Chapter 5. : Recruitment
Chapter 6. : Training and Development
Chapter 7. : Promotion and Personnel Appraisal
Chapter 8. : Discipline and Separation
Chapter 9. : Salary System
Chapter 10. : Labor Relations
Chapter 11. : Small-Group Activities
Chapter 12. : Nonregular Employees
Chapter 13. : Small/Medium Enterprises
Chapter 14. : Foreign Companies

Part 3 : Cases
Chapter 15. : Human Resource Development at the Canon Inc.
Chapter 16. : Human Resource Development at the Isetan Co., Ltd.
Chapter 17. : Human Resource Development at the Orii Corp.

Part 4 : Recent Developments
Chapter 18. : Recent Developments

Japanese Practices Overseas : A Survey Report on Europe

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