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Human Relations the Key to Quality

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Title: Human Relations the Key to Quality
Author: Horst U. Lammermeyr
ISBN: 0527916285 / 9780527916282
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 278
Publisher: Quality Resources
Year: 1990
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Successful implementation of total quality control (TQC) relies on people working together to achieve quality. Yet, the importance of the human element in the quality scheme can be overshadowed by an emphasis on specific tools for TQC. HUMAN RELATIONS-The Key to Quality explores the essential connections between human relations and quality. Based on extensive research, the text examines in detail the different attitudes toward quality in Japan and the west. Obstacles to quality in Western industry are discussed, with a focus on the role that human relations plays in overcoming them. Specific topics covered include communications, effective management, employee motivation, training and education, QC circles, and industrial psychology. This book should be read by everyone concerned with TQC.


Chapter 1 : What Is Quality Assurance?
Chapter 2 : What Are the Principal Obstacles to Quality Assurance in Western Industry?
Chapter 3 : How Has Industrial Psychology Influenced Product Quality?
Chapter 4 : What Are the Best Training Methods We Can Devise?
Chapter 5 : How Can We Effectively Test Our New Approaches to Quality Assurance?
Chapter 6 : Quality Control Circles-A Japanese Challenges?
Chapter 7 : Has Philosophy a Place in Industrial Psychology?

Final Conclusion
Annotated Bibliography

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