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Human Machine Interface : Concepts and Projects

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Title: Human Machine Interface : Concepts and Projects
Author: James McKirahan, Samuel Guccione
ISBN: 0831135824 / 9780831135829
Format: Soft Cover
Pages: 246
Publisher: Industrial Press
Year: 2016
Availability: In Stock
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This groundbreaking text/lab manual introduces significant concepts in the fields of Human Machine Interface (HMI) and Programmable Logic Controllers. Hands-on, step-by-step activities provide experiences in creating various process-control applications with HMI devices and software—programming that enables an HMI system operator to interface and interact directly with the system. This book is ideal for introducing high school and college students, plus those in the professional fields of process control and automation, to the capabilities and potential of HMI.

  • Introduces students and those in industry to the capabilities of Human Machine Interface.
  • The text and activities, while ranging from basic to more advanced, assume no prior experience working with HMI devices and software.
  • Readers experiment with programming that enables an HMI system operator to interface and interact directly with the system
  • The many hands-on lab activities provide experience in creating and working with the type of process control applications that are used extensively in manufacturing.
  • Includes key information on connecting HMI to Programmable Logic Controllers.
  • Focuses primarily on Allen Bradley devices and Rockwell software, but concepts covered are that are applicable to various systems.


Chapter 1 : Human Machine Interface for Automated Control
Chapter 2 : Types of HMI Displays and HMI Software
Chapter 3 : Field Devices and Sensors for PLCs

Chapter 4 : PanelBuilder32 / PanelView Graphic Terminal Labs
PV Lab 4-1 : Basic Motor Starter
PV Lab 4-2 : Analog and Digital Displays
PV Lab 4-3 : Pump and Tank
PV Lab 4-4 : Alarms
PV Lab 4-5 : Analog Input and Math Operations
PV Lab 4-6 : Security

Chapter 5 : RSView 32 Labs
RSView Lab 5-1 : Basic Motor Starter
RSView Lab 5-2 : Analog and Digital Displays
RSView Lab 5-3 : Pump and Tank
RSView Lab 5-4 : Alarms
RSView Lab 5-5 : Math Operations, Subprograms, and Alarms
RSView Lab 5-6 : Security
RSView Lab 5-7 : TrendX Charting and Data Logging
RSView Lab 5-8 : Moving Animation

Appendix I : Hardware and Software Required for Chapter 4 and 5 Lab Activities
Appendix II : PLC and HMI Manuals for Software and Hardware Used in Labs
Appendix III : Constructing Digital Temperature Sensors
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