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Housekeeping Management, 2nd Edition

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Title: Housekeeping Management, 2nd Edition
Author: Matt A. Casado
ISBN: 1118071794 / 9781118071793
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 264
Publisher: Wiley
Year: 2012
Availability: 15-30 days
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The second edition of Housekeeping Management is written from a management perspective of the executive housekeeper in the lodging industry. The overarching concept of the text spotlights three major areas of expertise required for the success of lodging professionals: management of resources, administration of assets, and knowledge of technical operations.

The text explores the role of the housekeeping department in hotel/lodging operations, and focuses mainly on the effective communication between the housekeeping, front office, and engineering and maintenance staff. This edition will have the same focus on the management- and administration-based philosophy from the 1st Edition, but with a stronger focus on the engineering aspects of housekeeping. The book will also incorporate new concepts of energy conservation and risk management to address the latest sustainability and security trends in the industry, as well as updated information on guestroom technology.


Part I : Introduction to Housekeeping Management
Chapter 1 :
The Housekeeping Department in Lodging Operations
Chapter 2 : The Executive Housekeeper as Department Housekeeper

Part II : Organization of The Housekeeping Department
Chapter 3 :
Design of The Housekeeping Department

Part III : Technical Skills Management
Chapter 4 :
Management of Inventory and Equipment
Chapter 5 : Characteristics of Housekeeping Equipment and Supplies
Chapter 6 : Laundry Room Management
Chapter 7 : The Cleaning Function

Part IV : Human Resources Management
Chapter 8 :
Personnel Administration

Part V : Administrative Controls
Chapter 9 :
Controlling Operations

Part VI : Risk and Environmental Issues in Lodging Properties
Chapter 10 :
Safety, Security, and Infectious Diseases in Property Operations
Chapter 11 : Energy and Water Conservation in Lodging Properties
Chapter 12 : Environmental Management and Sustainability


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