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High Pressure Cold Spray : Principles and Applications

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Title: High Pressure Cold Spray : Principles and Applications
Author: C.M. Kay, J. Karthikeyan
ISBN: 1627080961 / 9781627080965
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 300
Publisher: ASM International
Year: 2016
Availability: In Stock
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This new book is a highly practical and useful "go-to" resource that presents an in-depth look at the high pressure cold spray process and describes applications in various industries.

Cold spray continues to be the fastest developing spray technology over the last decade, and a significant number of scientists, engineers, and technologists are joining the cold spray community around the globe. The technology is relatively young and work is being simultaneously pursued in universities, research centers, and in many high tech industries. As this novel technology spreads quickly into many new application areas, there is a large need for an authoritative source of information. This new book addresses this need and will be indispensable to universities, libraries, and those involved in thermal spray. It presents baseline information on design and modeling, materials science of engineered coatings, and specific applications in various high tech industries, and is also a hands-on resource for cold spray operators.

This book is authored by a group of global cold spray experts and is edited by Charles M. Kay and J. Karthikeyan of ASB Industries, Barberton, Ohio, with an Introduction by Dr. Mark Smith of Sandia National Labs. Selected topics include:

Theory, modeling and fundamental science

Cold spray equipment

Mechanical and metallurgical characterization of coatings

Applications of cold spray coatings in various industries, including nuclear, defense,
automobile, aerospace, oil & gas, and power generation

Various applications of cold spray processes including protective coating production, development of performance enhancing layers, repair and refurbishing of parts, and NNS fabrication are elaborated in each industry with illustrative case studies by cold sprayers actively involved in the field. This book is both a comprehensive and technically advanced resource for anyone involved in cold spray technology, from coating design and development to performance of coatings and coated parts in both the laboratory and industrial environments.

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About the Editors

Chapter 1 : Introduction to Cold Spray
Chapter 2 : Process Science of Cold Spray
Chapter 3 : Modeling and Simulation of Cold Spray
Chapter 4 : Cold Spray Equipment
Chapter 5 : Cold Spray - Advanced Characterization
Chapter 6 : Powder Production Techniques for High-Pressure Cold Spray
Chapter 7 : Cold Spray Coating Applications in Protection and Manufacturing
Chapter 8 : Cold Spray Applications in the Automotive Industry
Chapter 9 : Cold Spray Applications in the Defense Industry
Chapter 10 : Application of Copper Coatings onto Used-Fuel Canisters for the Canadian Nuclear Industry
Chapter 11 : Cold Spray Applications in Repair and Refurbishment for the Aerospace, Oil and Gas, and Power-Generation Industries


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