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High Impact Training Series: Measuring The Impact of Training

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Title: High Impact Training Series: Measuring The Impact of Training
Author: Pamela A. Wade
ISBN: 0749416807 / 9780749416805
Format: Soft Cover
Pages: 114
Publisher: Kogan Page
Year: 1994
Availability: Out of Stock
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How does an organization know if one training program "works" and another doesn't Or how well training "paid of" to the organization? Or why or why not? This guidebook answers those questions and more. Learn how to measure the effectiveness of any training program, using objective, time-tested tools and techniques. Not only does this guidebook explain how to measure what people learn and what they do with what they learn, it also shows you how to calculate the net impact on the organization. Ideal for seasoned and novice trainers. alike.

1. Introduction
2. Why Measure (And...What To Measure)
3. Case Study: Warner Mortgage
4. Evaluating Program RESPONSE
5. Assessing on-The-Job ACTION
6. Analyzing Business-Focussed RESULTS
7. Tracking Training's IMPACT
8. Summary

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