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High Impact Training Series: Mapping A Winning Training Approach

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Title: High Impact Training Series: Mapping A Winning Training Approach
Author: Joe B. Wilson
ISBN: 0749417129 / 9780749417123
Format: Soft Cover
Pages: 123
Publisher: Kogan Page
Year: 1994
Availability: Out of Stock
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At the heart of every successful training effort is a well-thought-out design. This guidebook shows you how to turn a set of needs and objectives into powerful training results. Learn how to approach every training design challenge systematically and successfully. The guidebook's premise: that training should produce measurable results linked to organizational goals. Don't design your training without it!

1. Introduction
2. Identify Your Training Needs
3. Determine Performance Goals
4. Create Training Objectives
5. Consider Your Trainees
6. Group Instruction Options
7. Coaching/One-On-One Options
8. Self-Instructional Options
9. Design The Training
10. Pilot Testing and Improving Your Training
11. Summary

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