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High-Conformal Gearing : Kinematics and Geometry

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Title: High-Conformal Gearing : Kinematics and Geometry
Author: Stephen P. Radzevich
ISBN: 1498739180 / 9781498739184
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 332
Publisher: CRC Press
Year: 2016
Availability: In Stock
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Presents a Concept That Makes Gear Transmissions Noiseless, Smaller, and Lighter in Weight

High-conformal gearing is a new gear system inspired by the human skeleton. Unlike conventional external involute gearing, which features convex-to-convex contact, high-conformal gearing features a convex-to-concave type of contact between the tooth flanks of the gear and the mating pinion. This provides gear teeth with greater contact strength, supports the conditions needed to transmit a rotation smoothly and efficiently, and helps eliminate mistakes in the design of high-conformal gearings.

High-Conformal Gearing: Kinematics and Geometry provides a framework for ideal conditions and a clear understanding of this novel concept. A step-by-step guide to complex gear geometry, the book addresses the kinematics and the geometry of conformal (Novikov gearing) and high-conformal gearing. Written by a world-renowned gear specialist, it introduces the principles of high-conformal gearing and outlines its production, inspection, application, and design.

Providing complete coverage of this subject, the author:

  • Reveals how under equal rest of the conditions, high-conformal gearing allows for the highest possible power density, the lowest possible weight, and the highest contact strength
  • Explains how developed conformal and high-conformal gearings represent examples of geometrically accurate (ideal) gearings
  • Proves that the ideal non-involute conformal and high-conformal gears cannot be machined by gear-generating processes
  • Proposes a distinction between Wildhaber and Novikov gearings

High-Conformal Gearing: Kinematics and Geometry focuses on the design and generation of conformal and high-conformal gearings and can aid mechanical, automotive, and robotics engineers specializing in gear design with successfully transmitting a rotation. It also serves as a resource for graduate students taking advanced courses in gear design.


Chapter 1 : A Brief Overview of Conformal Gearing : State of the Art
Chapter 2 : Conditions for Transmitting a Rotation Smoothly
Chapter 3 : Conformal Gearing : Novikov Gearing
Chapter 4 : High-Conformal Gearing
Chapter 5 : Contact Geometry of the Gear and the Mating Pinion Tooth Flanks
Chapter 6 : On the Impossibility to Cut Gears for Conformal and High-Conformal Gearing Using Generating (Continuously-Indexing) Machining Processes
Chapter 7 : Kinematics of a Gear Pair
Chapter 8 : High-Conformal Intersected-Axis Gearing
Chapter 9 : High-Conformal Crossed-Axis Gearing

Appendix A : On the Concept of "Novikov Gearing" and the Inadequacy of the Term "Wildhaber-Novikov Gearing" of "W-N Gearing"
Appendix B : Elements of Vector Calculus
Appendix C : Elements of Differential Geometry of Surfaces
Appendix D : Elements of Coordinate Systems Transformations
Appendix E : Change of Surface Parameters

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