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Hemeon's Plant & Process Ventilation,3rd Edition

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Title: Hemeon's Plant & Process Ventilation,3rd Edition
Author: D. Jeff Burton
ISBN: 1566703476 / 9781566703475
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 400
Publisher: St. Luice
Year: 1999
Availability: Out of Stock
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Industrial hygienists and ventilation engineers know the name well: W.C.L. Hemeon. Since 1955, those professionals have frequently looked to Hemeon's Plant & Process Ventilation for essential information on industrial ventilation.Hemeon's longtime influence and inspiration has now prompted D. Jeff Burton-a prolific author on industrial ventilation himself-to produce a Fourth Edition of "the classic industrial ventilation text."While retaining Hemeon's distinctive writing style, conveying practical information in vivid phrasing, Burton has added extensive new information to recognize today's technology and techniques.Essential fundamentals of ventilation covered in the book include an explanation about the dynamic properties of airborne contaminants, and the principles of dispersion mechanism and local exhaust. Advanced applications are also examined in detail, particularly system design, dust control, and troubleshooting.
Along with providing essential background on the two primary types of workplace ventilation-general and local exhaust-Hemeon's Plant & Process Ventilation also aims for mutual understanding between the health-oriented priorities of industrial hygienists, and the practical applications for maximum efficiency considered by ventilation engineers.


Chapter 1 : Objectives and General Considerations
Chapter 2 : Dynamic Properties of Airborne Contaminants
Chapter 3 : Dispersion Mechanisms
Chapter 4 : Principles of Local Exhaust
Chapter 5 : Local Exhaust and Exterior Hoods
Chapter 6 : Control Velocities and Distance for External Hoods
Chapter 7 : Air Flow in Materials Handling Systems
Chapter 8 : Exhaust for Hot Processes
Chapter 9 : Characteristics of Free Air Jets
Chapter 10 : General Ventilation
Chapter 11 : Estimating Losses in Duct Systems
Chapter 12 : Exhaust Systems for Dust
Chapter 13 : Evaluation and Control of Heat Exposures
Chapter 14 : Field Observations
Chapter 15 : Fans and Air Movers
Chapter 16 : Particle Separators and Dust Collectors
Chapter 17 : References and Bibliography


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