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Heat Treatment of Gears : A Practical Guide for Engineers

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Title: Heat Treatment of Gears : A Practical Guide for Engineers
Author: A.K. Rakhit
ISBN: 0871706946 / 9780871706942
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 209
Publisher: ASM International
Year: 2000
Availability: In Stock
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This book is designed to provide the gear design engineer with a better understanding of heat treatment and its effects on gear quality and performance, especially as these considerations are critical to ensuring that the gears perform satisfactorily under anticipated service conditions.

Increased demand for gears to transmit more power through smaller, lighter, quieter, and more reliable packages that must operate over a wide range of service conditions, has made the design and manufacture of gears much more complex. Gears manufactured from certain steels are found to meet these demands, and become especially effective when heat treated and finish machined for high geometric accuracy. However, distortion of the gear after heat treatment offers the gear engineer a challenging opportunity not only in ensuring a high quality product but also in controlling manufacturing costs. Heat treat distortion of gears is discussed in detail for the major heat treat processes, and a case history of each successful gear heat treat process is included.


Chapter 1 : Introduction to Gear Heat Treatment
Chapter 2 : Properties of Iron
Chapter 3 : Heat Treatment of Gears
Chapter 4 : Through-Hardening Gears
Chapter 5 : Carburizing and Hardening Gears
Chapter 6 : Nitriding Gears
Chapter 7 : Modern Nitriding Processes
Chapter 8 : Carbonitriding Gears
Chapter 9 : Induction Hardening Gears
Chapter 10 : Selection of Heat Treat Process for Optimum Gear Design
Chapter 11 : Selected References


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