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Healthcare Redesign Tools and Techniques

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Title: Healthcare Redesign Tools and Techniques
Author: Jean Ann Larson
ISBN: 0527763225 / 9780527763220
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 176
Publisher: Quality Resources
Year: 1997
Availability: Out of Stock
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WHEN BEGINNING WORK on a reengineering project at William Beamount Hospital, Jean Ann Larson noticed an abundance of materials that talked about what tools to make it happen. After experimenting with a variety of techniques, she developed and implemented an eight-step facilitation methodology and set of corresponding tools.
For those in healthcae who are working on a redesign or reengineering project, this book covers all the key aspects-from team formation, to measurement, to process analysis-and walks you through the hands-on, day-to-day implementation.
Larson's approach for a redesign or reengineering project starts with steps that must be take during the initial stage. Once the teams have been formed and oriented, the actual redesign process occurs, beginning with a concerns analysis and concluding with the employment of project management techniques to begin implementation.
Special highlights include chapters on the enabling role of technology and critical success factors. Three case studies of varying scope illustrate the approach, tools, and methodology:

Using reengineering tools to streamline outpatient rehabilitation services.
Redesign of patient and information flow processes in an emergency center.
A hospital-wide effort to redesign clinical service processes.

Chapter 1: Overview of the Tools
Chapter 2: Setting the Stage for Facilitating work Redesign Teams
Chapter 3: Methodology for Process work Redesign Teams
Chapter 4: The Role of Technology
Chapter 5: Critical Success Factors
Chapter 6: Case Studies

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