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Handbook of Turbomachinery : 2nd Edition, Revised and Expanded

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Title: Handbook of Turbomachinery : 2nd Edition, Revised and Expanded
Author: Earl Logan, Jr., Ramendra Roy
ISBN: 0824709950 / 9780824709952
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 880
Publisher: Marcel Dekker
Year: 2003
Availability: Out of Stock
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Serves as a useful guide for practicing engineers looking to access timely information on the analysis, design, operation, and testing of turbomachinery. Features six new chapters and a majority of newly updated material and discusses advances in fluid mechanics of turbomachinery, and cooling challenges for constantly increasing gas temperatures.

Chapter 1 : Introduction
Chapter 2 : Fluid Dynamics of Turbomachines
Chapter 3 : Turbine Gas-Path Heat Transfer
Chapter 4 : Selection of A Gas Turbine Cooling System
Chapter 5 : Unsteady Flow and Aeroelasticity
Chapter 6 : Fundamentals of Compressor Design
Chapter 7 : Fundamentals of Turbine Design
Chapter 8 : Steam Turbines
Chapter 9 : Multidisciplinary Design Optimization for Turbomachinery
Chapter 10 : Rotordynamic Considerations
Chapter 11 : Turbomachines in Rocket Propulsion Systems
Chapter 12 : Turbomachinery Performance Testing
Chapter 13 : Automotive Superchargers and Turbochargers
Chapter 14 : Tesla Turbomachinery
Chapter 15 : Hydraulic Turbines


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