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Handbook of Industrial Waste Treatment : Volume 1

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Title: Handbook of Industrial Waste Treatment : Volume 1
Author: Lawrence K. Wang, Mu Hao Sung Wang
ISBN: 0824787161 / 9780824787165
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 416
Publisher: Marcel Dekker
Year: 1992
Availability: In Stock
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Handbook of Industrial Waste Treatment: Volume 1 offers case histories, case histories, flow diagrams, industrial process descriptions, waste characterizations, recycle options, effluent quality and standards, costs, and future trends...shows how to keep the amount of waste produced, treated, stored, and disposed to an absolute minimum, covering principles and practices that apply to all materials categorized as wastes....examines cleaning operations required prior to metal finishing or plating, listing the compositions of representative cleaning baths.....discusses the development of black-and-white photographic treatment processes....considers the various methods of treating industrial wastewaters and storm runoffs depending on their characteristics...and more.


Chapter 1 : Waste Minimization
Chapter 2 : Stormwater Management and Treatment
Chapter 3 : Treatment of Metal Plating and Finishing Wastes
Chapter 4 : Treatment of Photographic Processing Wastes
Chapter 5 : Treatment of Soap and Detergent Industry Wastes
Chapter 6 : Treatment of Acid Pickling Wastes of Metals
Chapter 7 : Treatment of Textile Wastes
Chapter 8 : Treatment of Phosphate Industry Wastes


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