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Handbook of Gear Technology

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Title: Handbook of Gear Technology
Author: D.D. Chawathe
ISBN: 8122412556 / 9788122412550
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 964
Publisher: New Age
Year: 2011
Availability: In Stock
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This book presents a comprehensive treatment of the theory, practice and design aspects of gear technology. Basic concepts and design principles have been systematically explained and illustrated through solved examples.

Part I of the book explains theory of gears covering all gear forms, namely, spur, helical gears, straight, spiral, zerol bevel gears, hypoid gears and worm gears. It also details the basic conjugacy requirement of gears. For the first time, a consistent coverage is given to addendum modified gearing in a separate chapter. This part of the book will help gear engineers in carrying out the dimensional calculations for gear teeth.

Part II features gear practice incorporating gear materials, their heat treatment, gear lubrication, gear cutting processes, gear cutting tools and inspection of gears. This part also explains the underlying principles which would help gear engineers in analysing many of the problems encountered in gear manufacturing.

Part III highlights the design of gears. It describes in detail gear design formulae under various design standards. As the underlying technical evaluation is also given in deriving these formulae, the presentation will help gear designers in understanding various standards and the reasons for the differences between these standards.



Chapter 1 : Gear Types and Meshing Requirements
Chapter 2 : Spur Gears
Chapter 3 : Addendum Modified Spur Gears and Other Tooth Modifications
Chapter 4 : Helical Gears
Chapter 5 : Bevel and Hypoid Gears
Chapter 6 : Worm Gears

Part II : Practice of Gears
Chapter 7 :
Gear Materials and Material Treatment
Chapter 8 : Gear Lubrication and Gear Failures
Chapter 9 : Gear Manufacture
Chapter 10 : Gear Inspection
Chapter 11 : Gear-Cutting Tools

Part III : Design of Gears
Chapter 12 :
Gear Forces and Bearing Reactions
Chapter 13 : Load Capacity of Spur Gears
Chapter 14 : Gear Load Capacity of Helical Gears
Chapter 15 : Load Capacity of Bevel and Hypoid Gears
Chapter 16 : Load Capacity of Worm Gear Drives
Chapter 17 : Gear Efficiency and Gear Classification
Chapter 18 : Gear Trains and Design of Gear Boxes

Appendix 1 :  Units
Appendix 2 :  Details of Symbols
Appendix 3 :  Trigonometric Relationships
Appendix 4 :  Involute Function Table
Appendix 5 :  Listing of Indian and Other International Standards
Appendix 6 :  List of References and Bibliography

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