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Handbook of Environmental Engineering

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Title: Handbook of Environmental Engineering
Author: Frank R. Spellman
ISBN: 1498708617 / 9781498708616
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 726
Publisher: CRC Press
Year: 2015
Availability: 2 to 3 weeks
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In his latest book, the Handbook of Environmental Engineering, esteemed author Frank Spellman provides a practical view of pollution and its impact on the natural environment. Driven by the hope of a sustainable future, he stresses the importance of environmental law and resource sustainability, and offers a wealth of information based on real-world observations and his many years of expert experience. The book offers a basic overview of environmental pollution, emphasizes key terms, and addresses specific concepts in advanced algebra, fundamental engineering, and statistics. The author considers socioeconomic, political, and cultural influences, and provides an understanding of how to effectively treat and prevent air pollution, implement industrial hygiene principles, and manage solid waste, water, and wastewater operations. This book addresses the cause and effect of environmental issues, and introduces concepts on how to mitigate them, comply with environmental laws, and implement practices to help prevent future damage.

  • Examines the ramifications and impacts of pollution
  • Details the multiple benefits derived from environmental remediation
  • Describes engineering controls and remediation procedures
  • Discusses various remediation techniques for environmental spills
  • Contains numerous tables and illustrations to supplement the material

Both Technical and Nontechnical

The Handbook of Environmental Engineering is written in a down-to-earth style for a wide audience, as it appeals to technical readers, consultants, and policy makers, as well as a wide range of general readers.


Chapter 1 : Introduction
Chapter 2 : Units, Standards of Measurement, and Conversions
Chapter 3 : Math Operations Review
Chapter 4 : Environmental Modeling and Algorithms
Chapter 5 : Statistics Review
Chapter 6 : Fundamental Engineering Concepts
Chapter 7 : Air Pollution
Chapter 8 : Water Pollution
Chapter 9 : Soil Quality
Chapter 10 : Solid and Hazardous Waste
Chapter 11 : Industrial Hygiene


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