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Groundwater and Surface Water Pollution

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Title: Groundwater and Surface Water Pollution
Author: Bela G. Liptak, David H.F. Liu
ISBN: 1566705118 / 9781566705110
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 160
Publisher: Lewis
Year: 2000
Availability: 45-60 days
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Groundwater and Surface Water Pollution contains almost all the technical know-how required to clean up our water supply. It provides a survey of up-to-date technologies for remediation, as well as a step-by-step guide to pollution assessment for both ground and surface waters.

The book defines groundwater, aquifers and surface water and discusses the physical properties of soils, liquids, vadose zones and aquifers. It emphasizes controlling nonpoint source pollution, best management practices, and an integrated management approach.

The editors cover not only engineering but also legal, medical, agricultural, meteorological, biological and other fields of study. They reach beyond the simplistic hydrological cycles usually addressed to the complexities encountered by rapidly-changing land-use patterns.

In addition to focusing on causes, effects, and remedies, Groundwater and Surface Water Pollution stresses reuse, recycling, and recovery of resources. Nature does not cause pollution. Through total recycling, we can, like nature, make resources out of wastes.

Includes thorough examples of management cases and the variables concerned
Presents numerous flow equations for convenient field analysis
Illustrates specific design considerations
Addresses soil treatment, pump-and-treat and in situ treatment technologies
Covers the principles of groundwater contamination


Groundwater and Surface Water Pollution
Chapter 1 : Principles of Groundwater Flow
Chapter 2 : Hydraulics of Wells
Chapter 3 : Principles of Groundwater Contamination
Chapter 4 : Groundwater Investigation and Monitoring
Chapter 5 : Groundwater Cleanup and Remediation

Storm Water Pollutant Management
Chapter 6 : Storm Water Pollutant Management


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