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Getting the Right Things Done : A Leader's Guide to Planning and Execution

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Title: Getting the Right Things Done : A Leader's Guide to Planning and Execution
Author: Jim Womack, Pascal Dennis
ISBN: 8190704079 / 9788190704076
Format: Soft Cover
Pages: 244
Publisher: Lean Management Instt. of India
Year: 2014
Availability: Out of Stock
Special Indian Edition.
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For companies to be competitive, leaders must engage people at all levels to focus their energy and enable them to apply lean principles to everything they do. Strategy deployment, called hoshin kanri by Toyota, has proven to be the most effective process for meeting this ongoing challenge. In Getting the Right Things Done, Pascal Dennis outlines the nuts and bolts of strategy deployment, answering two tough questions that ultimately can make or break a lean transformation: What kind of planning system is required to inspire meaningful company-wide continuous improvement? How might we change existing mental models that do not support a culture of continuous improvement? Getting the Right Things Done tells the story of a fictional midsized company, Atlas Industries, that needs to dramatically improve to compete with emerging rivals and meet new customer demands. While Atlas had already applied some basic lean principles, it had not really connected the people and business processes so that the company could dramatically improve. Something was missing: a way of focusing and aligning the efforts of good people, and a delivery system, something that would direct the tools to the right places. The book provides readers with a framework for understanding the key components of strategy deployment: agreeing on True North for the company, working within the PDCA cycle, getting consensus through catchball, the deployment leader concept, and A3 thinking. It links action to theory and reminds us that lean tools are only the means to an end, not ends in themselves. It takes a step-by-step instructional approach to the strategy deployment process. Through this unique combination, Getting the Right Things Done balances the human and technical dimensions of making strategy deployment a vital part of the daily culture of any company.


Chapter 1 : Getting Started
Chapter 2 : Mental Models
Chapter 3 : Management Systems
Chapter 4 : Understanding Our Mess
Chapter 5 : Plan - Telling Persuasive Stories
Chapter 6 : Do - Deploying Our Plan
Chapter 7 : Check - The Ugly Duckling
Chapter 8 : Adjust - The Great Detective
Chapter 9 : Improving Our System

Appendix A : A Better Approach to Planning and Execution
Appendix B : Altas Industries A3 Strategies
Appendix C : Templates
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