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GREEN3 : The Exploitation of Natural Resources and the Consequences

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Title: GREEN3 : The Exploitation of Natural Resources and the Consequences
Author: , T. Meggyes
ISBN: 0727730045 / 9780727730046
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 528
Publisher: Thomas Telford
Year: 2001
Availability: Out of Stock
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As the pressure to conserve agricultural land and green-field sites has grown it has become increasingly important to reclaim land that has been damaged by past industrial usage, e.g. areas of mining subsidence, tailings dams and lagoons. Furthermore the need to conserve primary aggregates is providing an impetus for re-use of waste materials in engineered construction.

This book is the proceedings of the GREEN3, the third in a four-yearly series of international symposia that discuss aspects of geotechnical engineering intimately related to the environment. The central theme of the GREEN3 symposium was “The exploitation of natural resources and the consequences” and the following generic topics were addressed:

  • The direct consequences of the acquisition of resources from the ground
  • Disposal of the waste products from processing/utilisation of resources
  • The use of mineral wastes in geotechnical construction
  • Ground reclamation/re-utilisation and treatment

GREEN3 : The exploitation of natural resources and the consequences will be an indispensable reference tool for geotechnical engineers working with land which has a history of industrial usage.

Chapter 1 : General Environmental and Geotechnical Aspects of Resource Extraction and Waste Disposal
Chapter 2 : Disposal of Waste Materials
Chapter 3 : Re-Use of Waste Materials
Chapter 4 : Geotechnical Utilisation
Chapter 5 : Waste Ponds and Dams
Chapter 6 : Subterranean Cavities and Voids
Chapter 7 : Problems Arising From Former Surface Excavation of Resources
Chapter 8 : Remedial Treatments
Chapter 9 : Ecological Rehabilitation

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