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GLocal Challenges : Excellence through Quality & Innovation

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Title: GLocal Challenges : Excellence through Quality & Innovation
Author: Himanshu M. Trivedi, Rajesh K. Jain
ISBN: 8193021630 / 9788193021637
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 400
Publisher: ASQ South Asia
Year: 2018
Availability: In Stock
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GLocal Challenges: Excellence through Quality and Innovation

New global order which has already ingrained and making us connect, communicate, with each other and with immortal things not limited to locally but globally. There is no better time and the felt need than now for addressing and aligning the local issues with the global one. We are on an improvement track whether it is competitiveness, or ease of doing business (our global ranking is on an increase on both these vital indexes) is concerned. These days although, we are already integrated with the world economy and if we wish to continue to compete globally and move up the ladder of competitiveness then we need to be engaged more intensely with the world. Hence it is imperative to be aware of the global issues and be accordingly mold ourselves so that we can steer up and remain there among the top league of nations. It is this felt need that we are launching the book on GLocal theme to understand our local responses to the global challenges.

The World Economic Forum’s Global InformationTechnology Report 2016, explores some of the ways in which network readiness is essential to enabling the creation and use of emerging technologies. The report reveals that countries looking to capitalize on economic gains of ICTs (Information & Communication Technology) should promote not just access, but also adoption and use of digital networks. In the recent past in India the private sector made it accessible the internet technology (of course on the government created IT infrastructure!) and later the central government popularized it by incentivizing net users (during Demonetization, GST implementation etc.). Even cash awards by way of direct credit to their bank account were given away to general public to familiarize them further with the use and promote online access. Access, Adoption and Use all three were conceptualized and acted upon by the Govt. of India. These efforts were more driven by the good implementation intentions than anything else to take the country to the next level.


Section 1 : Excellence Through Innovation
Chapter 1 :
GLocal Challenges : Excellence through Quality and Innovation
Chapter 2 : Lean Startup : Concept, Global Challenges and Issues
Chapter 3 : Quality in GST Compliance–India Perspective
Chapter 4 : Manufacturing Process Improvement of Steel Components : A Case Study
Chapter 5 : Improvement in Annealing Oven Efficiency
Chapter 6 : On Spec MEG Filtration based on Lab Experiment
Chapter 7 : Figo Closure Production Line Weld Flash Free
Chapter 8 : Improvement in disposal of Insulation Waste by using Hydraulic Baling Press Machine
Chapter 9 : Figo Aspire Body Department Sub Assembly Productivity Improvement
Chapter 10 : Improvement in Quality of Methane from Methane Polishing Unit
Chapter 11 : FTT Improvement Across Engine Machining at Sanand Engine Plant
Chapter 12 : Use of ETP Sludge mix with Coal at DMD CFBC, RIL
Chapter 13 : Lean Six Sigma Intermediate Yield Improvement Project
Chapter 14 : Improving Productivity by Smart Manpower Planning @ Industry 4.0
Chapter 15 : Operator Utilization Improvement
Chapter 16 : Minimizing Air Pollution and Saving Energy at Bhusawal Thermal Power Plant
Chapter 17 : Reduction in Color Block
Chapter 18 : Role of HR in Achieving Quality Excellence
Chapter 19 : Operation Excellence Culture at Energy Product Division
Chapter 20 : Wooden Lagging v/s Corrugated Polyethylene Sheet Cable Guard : A Case of Cost Effective Packaging Solution
Chapter 21 : Innovative Ways for Cost Economic Operations — A Need of the Hour in a Retail Environment
Chapter 22 : Productivity Improvement in Purity Inspection through Millipore Test
Chapter 23 : Rapid, Low Cost, Protective and Efficacious Packaging Solution to E-Commerce Sector
Chapter 24 : Heat Treatment of Heavy Forgings : Challenges and Improvements in LTSSHF
Chapter 25 : Achieving Energy Excellence & Cost Reduction by Superior Technology and Process Improvement : A Case of Reheating Furnaces

Section 2 : Excellence Through Quality
Chapter 26 :
Six Sigma Project to Reduce Defects in Capsules : Challenges and Benefits in a Mature Organisation
Chapter 27 : Define and Establish Visualization and Standardization for Continuous Improvement in the Organization Using 5S
Chapter 28 :
Tool and Die Downtime Reduction in Press Line-2 Dies
Chapter 29 : Cera to Cerachem Quick Changeover
Chapter 30 : Quality Improvement Project
Chapter 31 : TQM in Government
Chapter 32 : Reduction of Compressed Air Consumption
Chapter 33 : Achieving Customer Delight through Product Improvement by Problem Solving Contentment Groups
Chapter 34 : Prasadalaya Management at Shri Sai Baba Temple, Shirdi : A Case of Operational Excellence
Chapter 35 : Elimination of Rejection in Continuous Paper
Chapter 36 : Quality Risk Minimization Through Risk Analysis and Visual Display
Chapter 37 : Improved Dimensional Measurement System to Enhance Product Reliability and Customer Satisfaction
Chapter 38 : Global Challenges & Excellence through Quality & Innovation a Case Study of L&T Technology Services
Chapter 39 : Cost of Poor Quality as the Most Effective Indicator to Excel in Customized Manufacturing Business Operation - A Case Study of Hitachi Hi-Rel Power Electronics (P) Ltd

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