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Fundamentals of International Oil & Gas Law

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Title: Fundamentals of International Oil & Gas Law
Author: William E. Hughes
ISBN: 1593703619 / 9781593703615
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 670
Publisher: PennWell
Year: 2016
Availability: In Stock
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Fundamentals of International Oil & Gas Law provides a foundation for understanding legal problems commonly encountered in conducting business in the oil and gas industry. Written for a global audience, William Hughes devotes substantial attention to industry legal problems arising under non-U.S. legal systems like those in the European Union and Islamic law regimes. Including case studies, and end of chapter questions and notes, Fundamentals of International Oil & Gas Law is an excellent desk reference, course textbook, or introductory guide to this important subject matter.

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Chapter 1 : National Laws
Chapter 2 : International Law
Chapter 3 : Treaties Promoting International Trade and Producer-, Consumer-, and Investment-State Interests
Chapter 4 : National Export Controls, Foreign Investment Restrictions, Sanctions, Embargoes, and Boycotts
Chapter 5 : Dispute Resolution and Its Varieties
Chapter 6 : Dispute Resolution Continued: Arbitration
Chapter 7 : State Jurisdiction to Regulate, Enforce, and Adjudicate
Chapter 8 : Special Defenses for State and State-Owned Oil and Gas Companies
Chapter 9 : Sovereignty over and Ownership of Onshore Oil and Gas—Sovereignty Disputes between States
Chapter 10 : Sovereignty over and Ownership of Offshore Oil and Gas—The Law of the Sea and Joint Development Zones
Chapter 11 : Negotiation and Bidding
Chapter 12 : Host Country and Development Arrangements and Their Varieties
Chapter 13 : Modern Development Arrangements Contract Provisions
Chapter 14 : Compensation, Cost, and Cost Recovery Issues in Modern Development Arrangements
Chapter 15 : Participations and Joint Operating Agreements
Chapter 16 : Drilling Contracts and Service Agreements
Chapter 17 : Environmental Protection Laws
Chapter 18 : Decommissioning and Liability for Spills and Transboundary and Maritime Pollution
Chapter 19 : Indemnity and Insurance Issues
Chapter 20 : Bribery of Foreign Officials
Chapter 21 : Land Transportation of Oil and Gas and Natural Gas Regulation
Chapter 22 : Seaborne Transportation of Oil and Gas
Chapter 23 : Expropriation and Privatization Issues
Chapter 24 : The Basic Financing Framework
Chapter 25 : Operation and Regulation of Energy Markets


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