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Fundamentals of Environmental Discharge Modeling

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Title: Fundamentals of Environmental Discharge Modeling
Author: Lorin R. Davis
ISBN: 0849396573 / 9780849396571
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 165
Publisher: CRC Press
Year: 1999
Availability: In Stock
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This book examines engineering and mathematical models for documenting and approving mechanical and environmental discharges. The author emphasizes engineering design considerations as well as applications to waste water and atmospheric discharges.

Chapters discuss :
The fundamentals of turbulent jet mixing, dilution concepts, and mixing zone concepts
Diffuser configurations and head loss calculations
Different modeling techniques and accepted models - discussed in detail with theoretical background, restrictions, input, output, and examples
Lagrangian and the EPA UM 2-dimensional diffuser model
The PLUMES interface
Eulerian integral methods, EPA UDKHG 3-dimensional diffuser model, and PDSG surface discharge model
Empirical techniques, RSB diffuser model, the CORMIX family of models for both diffusers and surface discharge
Numerical methods with a discussion of shelf commercial models
Gaussian atmospheric plume models

Fundamentals of Environmental Discharge Modeling includes numerous case studies and examples for each model and problem.

Emphasizes applications to wastewater and atmospheric discharges
Covers engineering design considerations
Includes case studies and examples
Discusses models in detail providing theoretical background, restrictions, input, and output


Chapter 1 : Fundamentals
Chapter 2 : Diffusers
Chapter 3 : Lagrangian Integral Models
Chapter 4 : Eulerian Integral Methods
Chapter 5 : Empirical and Length Scale Models
Chapter 6 : Atmospheric Discharges
Chapter 7 : Accuracy, Recommendations, and Closure

Appendix A : Definition of Terms Used in CORMIX
Appendix B : CORMIX2 Prediction File

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