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Frac Packing Handbook

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Title: Frac Packing Handbook
Author: Ali Ghalambor, Syed Ali, W. David Norman
ISBN: 1555631371 / 9781555631376
Format: Soft Cover
Pages: 628
Publisher: Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE)
Year: 2009
Availability: In Stock
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Frac-packing procedures have advanced significantly since the 1990s, and engineers are in need of a go-to reference book on the subject. The Frac-Packing Handbook is a comprehensive collection of technical materials that covers the most basic to the most highly advanced issues in frac-pack operations. The Handbook consists of 20 chapters to assist practitioners in selecting well candidates; frac-pack job design, preparation, and procedure; treatment execution; post-frac-pack treatment analysis; production expectation and evaluation; case histories; quality control; and emerging technologies. Because a properly designed and executed frac-pack job can improve cash flow, industry technical personnel can use this book to assist in improving profits. Additionally, the reader will learn the nuts and bolts of frac-pack technology applications as they are applied around the world. This practical book is intended for completion, production, and reservoir engineers, both highly experienced practitioners and those who are just beginning to deal with this expanding technology.


Chapter 1 : Hydraulic Fracturing Overview
Chapter 2 : Candidate Recognition for High-Permeability Fracturing
Chapter 3 : Frac-Pack Fluids
Chapter 4 : Proppants
Chapter 5 : Completion Fluids
Chapter 6 : Perforating Requirements for Frac-Pack Completions
Chapter 7 : Fluid-Loss Control in Frac Packing
Chapter 8 : Fracture Design Simulators
Chapter 9 : Frac-Pack Design and Frac-Pack Mechanisms
Chapter 10 : Frac-Pack Planning and Implementation
Chapter 11 : Calibration-Test Design and Analysis
Chapter 12 : Treatment Execution
Chapter 13 : Post-Frac-Pack Treatment Analysis
Chapter 14 : Production Expectation and Evalution
Chapter 15 : Case Histories
Chapter 16 : Tools and Downhole Hardware
Chapter 17 : Pumping Equipment and Monitoring
Chapter 18 : Quality Control and Practical Guidelines
Chapter 19 : Emerging Technologies
Chapter 20 : The Value of Frac-Packing

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