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Fluid Mechanics for Marine Ecologists, (With CD-ROM)

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Title: Fluid Mechanics for Marine Ecologists, (With CD-ROM)
Author: Stainslaw R. Massel
ISBN: 3540659994 / 9783540659990
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 556
Publisher: Springer Verlag
Year: 1999
Availability: Out of Stock
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The book brings the attention of marine ecologists, oceanographers and marine engineers to how ocean waters interact with, influence and constrain life in the ocean. The physical processes are made intelligible to biologists with a modicum of mathematics and the nature of life in the sea is presented in an understandable manner for oceanographers and engineers. In Part I of the book, classical fluid mechanics such as laminar and turbulent flow, boundary layers, and forces induced by flow are examined. Part II deals with large-scale flows, such as waves, large ocean currents, and tides, which are beyond the scope of classic fluid mechanics. In Part III, the link between hydrodynamics of ocean flows and marine ecology is demonstrated by examples of selected, well-established phenomena and processes. The CD-ROM contains 12 ready to use computer programs on the calculation, representation and simulation of various processes.


Part I : Basic Fluid Mechanics
Chapter 1. : Introducing Sea Water
Chapter 2. : Water at Rest and in Motion

Part II : Oceanic Hydrodynamic Processes
Chapter 3. : An Introduction to Surface Waves
Chapter 4. : How to Determine Wave Parameters
Chapter 5. : Tides
Chapter 6. : Internal Waves
Chapter 7. : Ocean Currents
Chapter 8. : Transport in the Oceans and Coastal Zone
Chapter 9. : Experimental Methods in Fluid Mechanics

Part III : Marine Environment and Ecology
Chapter 10. : Mechanical Properties of Biological Materials
Chapter 11. : Locomotion of Marine Animals
Chapter 12. : Internal Flows in Marine Organisms
Chapter 13. : Transport and Mixing in Coastal Ecosystems
Chapter 14. : Tides and Waves on Vegetated Coasts
Chapter 15. : Vertical Structure of Ocean Waters and Biological Productivity

A : Symbols and Notations
B : International System of Units
C : Useful Theoretical Approaches and Formulas
D : Computer Programs Set ApD

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